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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nihahi Ridge Trail

With our new hiking boots, we heard that this hike was a good one to start the season with.

At the base of the trail, it is quite nice with the creek beside it:
After 1.5 hours, it seems like I only made it up only about halfway as the new boots gave me a heck of a blister. But the view was still quite nice:

I was able to divert a few people from going the wrong way, switched shoes and had a sandwich while Mike and Carol went up for another half hour. I also snapped this butterfly:

Only took us an hour to get back down and back to the car, where Mike was then promptly given a $57 parking ticket for not parking in a designated area. Happy Birthday Mike!

So once I break-in the hiking boots, get a lighter backpack, and am not sore from playing vball the night before, I'm sure we'll be able to tackle Nihahi Ridge again. But this time, find a better parking spot and reach the summit.

Later, O.

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