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Monday, June 26, 2006

Detailed Kilimanjaro Itinerary

Day 1: ARUSHA TO MACHAME - 1280m to 3000m (August 25th)
1hr30 drive transfer Arusha to Machame gate, Registration at Machame gate: depending on number of climbers, allow about 1hr
About 5hrs hike, 18kms to Machame campsite - FB
Vegetation: Mountain forest
Accommodation: Machame campsite
Meals included: breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Day 2: MACHAME TO SHIRA - 3000m to 3850m (August 26th)
About 4hrs hike, 9kms to Shira campsite - FB
Vegetation: Moorland
Accommodation: Shira campsite
Meals included: breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Day 3: SHIRA TO BARRANCO FB - 3850m to 3860m (August 27th)
About total 6-7hrs hike, begin with ascend higher to 4630, later descend. 15kms to Barranco campsite - FB
Vegetation: Semi-desert
Accommodation: Barranco campsite
Meals included: breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Day 4: BARRANCO TO KARANGA - 3860m to 4200m (August 28th)
About 3hrs hike, 7kms to Karanga Vally campsite - FB
Vegetation: alpine desert
Accommodation: Karanga campsite
Meals included: breakfast, hot lunch and dinner

Day 5: KARANGA TO BARAFU - 4200m to 4600m (August 29th)
After breakfast, at 9am begin trek to Barafu
About 3hrs hike, 6kms to Barafu campsite - FB
Hot lunch at Barafu.
Afternoon short acclimatization trek to 4850m and return back to Barafu
Vegetation: alpine desert
Accommodation: Barafu campsite
Meals included: breakfast, hot lunch at Barafu Campsite and dinner

Day 6: BARAFU TO SUMMIT - 4600m to 5895m (August 30th)
11pm ( day 6 before mid-night ) wake-up call, 30minutes of preparation.
11h30pm refreshment is provided.
12h00 mid-night we begin our final ascend to the summit.
After 4hrs hours trekking you would walk pass the Kilimanjaro Snow Glaciers ( this glaciers are about 7metres high )
It takes total of about 5hrs Mid-night hike to Stella Point 5730m, where we shall we can experience the African sunrise, from Stella point it takes another 1hr hike to Summit, 5895m (the highest point in Africa!)
Total 7kms from Barafu camp to the Summit
At the Summit: if weather is good we will spend about 30minutes.
Vegetation: Snow scree and ice-capped summit.

It takes about 2h30minutes from summit to Barafu Camp
At Barafu camp, we have about 1hour 30minutes and brunch meal will be provided.
Thereafter we will descend for about 2hrs from Barafu to Millenium Camp.
Note: If the weather is not good at Millenium Camp, we shall further descend about 45 minutes to Mweka Forest Campsite at 3100m
Accommodation: 1st choice - Millenium Campsite or 2nd choice - Mweka campsite
Meals included: Mid-night refreshment, brunch at Barafu campsite and dinner

Day 7: MILLENIUM OR MWEKA TO ARUSHA - 3400 or 3100m to 1280m (August 31st)
After breakfast, we recommend Farewell to your porters, cook and guide (as space is limited at the Mweka Gate)
Note: About 3-4hrs descend, 20kms from Millenium to Mweka Park Gate,
Note: About 3hrs descend, 15kms from Mweka Forest Camp to Mweka Park Gate,
You will require to sign-out registration and claim your luggage from your Guide.
The Guide will then put your baggage into the transfer vehicle.
Transfer drive time: Departure 11h30am - about 2hrs from Mweka Gate to Arusha. - BL
Accommodation: Arusha Bungalow
Meals included: breakfast and hot lunch in Arusha
Total Hiking Distance: ~95 km

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nihahi Ridge Trail

With our new hiking boots, we heard that this hike was a good one to start the season with.

At the base of the trail, it is quite nice with the creek beside it:
After 1.5 hours, it seems like I only made it up only about halfway as the new boots gave me a heck of a blister. But the view was still quite nice:

I was able to divert a few people from going the wrong way, switched shoes and had a sandwich while Mike and Carol went up for another half hour. I also snapped this butterfly:

Only took us an hour to get back down and back to the car, where Mike was then promptly given a $57 parking ticket for not parking in a designated area. Happy Birthday Mike!

So once I break-in the hiking boots, get a lighter backpack, and am not sore from playing vball the night before, I'm sure we'll be able to tackle Nihahi Ridge again. But this time, find a better parking spot and reach the summit.

Later, O.