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Friday, May 12, 2006

Travel Clinic Appointment

Mr. Cullingham has "made an appointment for 5 people for 10:00 am Saturday June 10, at Odyssey Travel Clinic. The appointment will be with Dr. Rudy Zimmer."

Sunbow Professional Centre
Suite 208, 2004 14th Street N.W.
Ph: 403 210-4770

Please come with your vaccination/immunization records and any other pertinent records that may be useful. The first appointment will take 30 to 60 minutes, and will iclude:
  • A review of your past and present medical profile, including your immunization records
  • A discusion of our travel plans (itinerary, accommodations, activities and reason for travel)
  • Advice, recommend vaccines, and provide prescriptions
  • Commencing required immunizations and set up subsequent visits if more are required.
Cost will be $185 for the 5 of us plus the cost of immunization shots/pills/medications etc. Cost of immunization is on their web page:"

Please contact Mr. Cullingham if you are unable to make it, "They only offer one Saturday appointment per month - if Saturday doesn't work we'll have to try for a weekday."

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