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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Travel Clinic

Mr. Cullingham has "been in contact with Odyssey Travel Clinic re: vaccination shots, drugs, medications etc and timing for the trip to Kilimanjaro.

It's located at:

Sunbow Professional Centre
Suite 208, 2004 14th Street N.W.
Ph: 403 210-4770

Odyssey run consultation clinics and are aware of the different kinds of shots – pros and cons - and have had significant experience with backcountry trekking, altitude sickness etc. Consultation fees run from $60 per person to $150 per group of 4 with $35 for each additional i.e. if all 7 of us were interested the bill would be ~$36.45 per person. Costs of various vaccinations, boosters etc are on top of the consultation fee. A list of some of the costs are on their web page. They suggest coming in May or June. Saturday appointments are available.

If there is the interest please respond with preferred days and times and I will see if I can find a time slot suitable to all."

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