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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Altitude Check

A few comparisions of why to climb Mount Kilimanjaro:
  • Mt Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak - 19344 feet / 5895 meters
  • Jungfrau Peak 13,642 feet / 4158 meters
  • Sunshine Village Ski Hill's Top Altitude - 8954 feet / 2730 meters
  • Calgary International Airport - 3736 feet / 1139 meters
  • Mt Everest Base Camp - 17,500 feet / 5350 meters
  • Mt Everest Summit - 29,028 feet / 8848 meters
  • Mt Mckinley Peak 20,032 feet / 6194 meters
Note that the last two are pretty remote and not easily accessible and also that at 18,000 feet the oxygen is about 50% of that at sea level.


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